Smart design for bathtub fossit in Holiday Inn Hotel

A best practice for including English terms in your Hebrew Article

User Experience: An Editor’s choices of language and font size effect readability.
Hebrew is read from right to left (RTL) while English is read LTR.
While incorporating English terms in a Hebrew newspapers article, editors prefer to use smaller Hebrew letters (font) than to write in both languages.

This helps to:

  • Differentiate the term from the rest of the Hebrew text.
  • Make it easier to read without switching the reading direction.
  • Answering the case of a reader who does not know Latin characters.

Example: In the image we see the usage of the term DNA, which has no obvious translation in Hebrew.
In day- to-day conversations Hebrew native speakers simply say “DNA”.

Pogies are permanently* attached gloves for bicycles

Coming from a worm country, I was very surprised to see bicycles with thick gloves permanently* attached to the thick bicycle handlebar. I smiled, thinking this is a simple solution for a few problems: The time it takes to remove / put on gloves with a narrow build. If not attached to bicycles, you would […]