Divi = Next Level WordPress

The many ways Divi will upgrade your website

In this page: How adding Divi to your WordPress site will save you time and money, via increasing staff productivity, as a result of making your website fast and easy to maintain, add or edit content, develop and design it further for years to come.

Divi is more than a page builder, it’s a website design system with many modules (such as sliders, image and video galleries, columns, rows, and many many more). Each of them has many easy-to-use controls to design the modules to your exact liking, including animations.

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The many ways Divi will upgrade your website

Save Money with Free Updatess

I sell a multiyear auto renewing license. Your onetime payment is enough to automatically receive the updates.

Save Work Time – Work Smarter

Manage your entire website’s design using global elements and website-wide design settings. Divi isn’t just a page builder, it’s a website design system.

  • Global Colors – A single change (For example: From Steel Blue to SkyBlue) in the setting can change ALL the places that the color is being used in, sitewide.
  • Global Styles – Different elements can share the same design. For example, different buttons can share the same shape / color. Style changes to one button can automatically be applied on all other buttons. 
  • Save Time with Global Elements – You can place the same content inside multiple pages (Example: a list of latest projects). Because the content is global – changing it while working on one of the pages – will save you the time and trouble of updating all other pages.

Advance Development:

Custom CSS Control – Developers can easily combine Divi’s visual design controls with their own custom CSS.

Responsive Editing

Design options can be set differently to multiple screen sizes, making building beautiful responsive websites an easy task.

WYSIWYG – Visual Editing

Like in word / PowerPoint – Design your page in real time and see the results instantly. Create and customize your pages using intuitive visual controls.

  • Inline Text Editing – Write & edit paragraph just like in word / powerpoint. Just click on the text and start typing!
  • Drag & Drop – Draft pages on the front end and see the results instantly as you type.

Animation & Transformation

Enjoy creating animations of the websites elements, with simple controls. 
Examples of elements
appearing with fade of bounce effects…